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Copywriter at Horizon Line Communications, and Property Manager at Torquay Sands Beach House - Horizon Line Communications

Right now, more than ever in the past century, what your business communicates online counts. If you’re in a situation where your business relies on speaking directly to customers for online transactions, perhaps look at employing me to review your content for accuracy, flair & flavour. One of my greatest skills is in creating Product Descriptions, which I have done for successful global & local brands. I simply love describing things! My superpower is capturing the ‘x’ factor & sensory attributes of a product, service or experience. So, whether you sell t-shirts or real estate, I have the communication & sales skills to write to your target market & increase your chances of a sales conversion. Upon receiving their online purchase, clients will receive an item that meets (or exceeds) their expectations, thereby increasing positive reviews & reducing the need for costly returns & negative feedback.

There are plenty of great freelance photographers, videographers & copywriters ready to help you connect with your community. If you need a copywriter for social, newsletters, blogs, or recommendations for other creatives, hit me up too.

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