Requirements and due dates for JobKeeper 2.0

If you wish to apply for JobKeeper 2.0, the due date is fast approaching.

Applying with our assistance

If you require assistance with reviewing your eligibility and processing your application, please notify us immediately and complete the following by 25 October 2020:

  • Ensure your payroll is up to date as of 30 Sept 2020.
  • Ensure your accounting files are up to date and reconciled as of 30 Sept 2020.

Applying directly to the ATO

If you would like to review and complete the assessment and application without our assistance, please complete the below steps by 31 October 2020:

Step 1 – Assess your eligibility as an employer
Step 2 – Review your actual GST turnover decline to determine eligibility
Step 3 – Submit your decline in turnover confirmation with the ATO
Step 4 – Identify your eligible employees and/or business participants and relevant tier applicable to them
Step 5 – Pay your eligible employees at least up to the correct tier of subsidy by the due dates
Step 6 – Comply with all your monthly reporting requirements including lodging your monthly declarations to claim your subsidy.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Marketing and Communications Manager - West Carr & Harvey
New land tax waiver

The Victorian Government has announced further land tax assistance for eligible landowners who have been impacted by COVID-19.

In March 2020, commercial landowners with less than $1m in taxable property received a land tax deferral until 31 March 2021.

Since then, a 25% to 50% land tax waiver has been announced with increased eligibility for both commercial landowners and residential landlords.

To find out more, click here.

K.Booch – Kombucha with a twist!

By now you will probably have heard of the popular Kombucha, a sparkling drink with probiotics considered to be healthy and delicious. It has become a drink of choice in many cafes and restaurants.

What could be better? Well, West Carr & Harvey client, Nick Cogger from Torquay, has found a way by creating K.Booch, a Kombucha with a naturally occurring alcoholic twist.

K Booch comes in four flavours – pineapple/watermelon, blood orange, rose/raspberry and ginger/lime.

Nick believes choosing K.Booch as an alcoholic drink is better for you than other ready to drink options such as cider. He previously ran a microbrewery for five years and worked on a specific recipe to achieve the natural fermentation process for K.Booch.

Currently the only product in the local market, this new drink is gaining popularity around the region and is available nationally through independent bottle shops and nationally through the Woolworths owned BWS.

The West Carr & Harvey team are excited to support entrepreneurs on their journey to bring new and innovative product ideas to life. Congratulations Nick!

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