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Adapting to Change – Geelong Quality Council

Adapting to Change is the theme of this year’s Geelong Quality Council’s summit, which is part of Geelong Small Business Festival.
2020 has been a year of rapid change for us all, whether we wanted it or not.

On 17th of September, a number of local Geelong businesses will tell you what challenges they faced. Reducing costs, increasing efficiencies isn’t enough in some cases. Some businesses have re-imagined themselves, their purpose and direction, made bold decisions in response to this new world.

You are welcome to this free event to learn how some of their strategies might also be effective in your business.

I’ve been a part of Chair of Geelong Quality Council for over a decade, as I believe in our mission of improving skills in the region to help us all prosper. Hopefully this event will help you too, look forward to seeing you there.


Welcome aboard Indigo Wolf Custom Apparel Sportswear!

Rapt to announce that we are now managing the marketing for local superstars, Indigo Wolf Custom Apparel.

High quality products with exceptional customer service, Indigo Wolf should be the first one you call for your staff uniforms or gear for your next event. They also specialise in school uniforms and sports uniform, as seen on 2019 champions, The Geelong Cougars.

Next year will mark 10 years of Indigo Wolf, which is a huge achievement for a local born and bred business.

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Your Biggest Content Marketing Question

Dear friend.

I need your advice.

So, to help these owners, I’m putting the finishing touches on a course called:
“How to create content that attracts new clients to your business, increases your profits and slashes your advertising budget by over 60% without gambling on traditional advertising.”

I want to make sure I don’t skip over anything so can you type your biggest question about content marketing.


Owner and Chief Content Officer - EduTest Labs
Free Content Marketing Workshop

Hi guys,

As someone who is new(ish) to the area, I would love to introduce myself to you all with a free workshop where we tackle content marketing and how to create a winning content marketing strategy for your business.

I would love it if you could complete the short survey as I know who may be interested in attending and what to present.