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The 3 H’s model. The key to living a Happy, Healthy and Highly Productive life

COVID has taken its toll on just about all of us some way, from losing our job or too busy from delivering packages, or maybe studying, juggling kids, partners and work. Either way most people are now feeling exhausted. So here is what the latest Wellbeing science from the West, combined with the ancient wisdom and practices from the East, put into a model that I use with my Coaching clients and Training programs. Hope it provides you with some insight on what might be missing for your life.

Thrive Consultant, Coach, Facilitator - The Thrive Movement Australia
How to look after our Mental Health especially given this year and its challenge
Hi friends, I was grateful to have the opportunity to be interviewed on Pulse FM about Men’s Health, given this is Movember and last Thursday was International Men’s Day.
And let’s not forget this year and the traumatic affect of the bushfires and COVID. We all have a nervous system and many of us have been feeling affected somehow. Here’s what can happen to you and your life and what to do about it.

Heart Mind Project – a new way of managing stress in the workplace

Life is busy and taking the time for self-care can be last on our to-do list. Often the impact of workplace stress can go unnoticed until it’s too late. Stress can also impact on families. How many of us have allowed stress and work pressures to affect our relationships, causing arguments with your partner or even yelling at the kids?

As a result, our client, Andy Fox was inspired to start the “Heart Mind Project” through the provision of what is called the “Resilience Advantage Program”. This program is based on more than 20 years of peer-reviewed research and is proven at a corporate and military level.

Andy believes living from the heart allows you to access the “Power of the Heart” – synchronising of the heart and the mind – with a goal to achieve clearer inspired thinking, a reduction of stress, creation of emotional resilience and a significant improvement in your quality of life indicators.

The goal? Clearer, more inspired thinking, a reduction of stress, enhanced emotional resilience and an improvement in the quality of life for yourself and your employees.

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