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Australia goes head to head with Google & Facebook

Creative Director - Evolution Design Agency

Noticed there’s been no COVID updates on your Facebook news feed this week? We’ve come to rely on Facebook for the latest news and...

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Working from a Home Office is not negotiable for some

I recently saw a post where someone was inferring that they were better than other consultants/mentors because they had a formal office and not...

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Unfair Contract Terms to Become Unlawful

The unfair contracts regime in the Australian Competition and Consumer Act is about to get some teeth. Although some time ago policy makers recognised...

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Don’t sit there wishing everything could go back to pre 2020 trading conditions

I keep hearing private and family business owners saying they would like to go back to having their business operating like it was before...

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Fixing Your Risk Profile

General Insurance & Risk Management - Business Development Manager

Short of inventing a time machine, it’s hard to reverse a bad history of insurance claims. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to...

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Four ways to make a plan, when planning seems impossible

Coach + Writer - Wild Sky Coaching

Earlier this year, I looked at my carefully crafted yearly plan, colour coded and full of to-do lists and wild ideas. I was tempted...

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JobKeeper 2.0 extension 2

What you need to know: The second and last extension of the JobKeeper 2.0 scheme will begin from next year and will be active...

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2020 has been a year of jumping over hurdles

In all business segments, as we come out of COVID, we are seeing that there are winners and losers. During COVID, family business and...

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Geelong – A Resilient City

The Geelong region was challenged through COVID, but the Geelong HR Index shows it’s a resilient city. The region was challenged by COVID however...

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Impact of COVID-19 on the Photography Industry

This pandemic has brought the photography industry to a near shutdown. With the economic crisis at a global scale, the photography services, market share,...

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