2020 has been a year of jumping over hurdles

In all business segments, as we come out of COVID, we are seeing that there are winners and losers.
During COVID, family business and private business owners came up against hurdles at every turn. If business was a hurdle race we would be in race training mode getting ready for 2021 and aiming to be in the starting blocks to fire up in the New Year.
COVID recovery will be all over the place as business attempts to gain traction leading up to the Boxing Day sales. Then the traditional holiday period ends and the future for what the new business environment brings are clearer, especially when the kids go back to school.
For those surviving on Job Keeper, the next hurdle will be at Easter as the Government wage subsidies really start to disappear. Then, if you are not ready, your chance of keeping your dream alive is limited. If you have not decided how you can differentiate and be the best in the world at what you do. You will see nothing but high hurdles.
Can you describe to your family, friends, employees, customers and stakeholders what your business will look like in 2023? If not, seek help and develop a vision, work out a strategy and plan your next steps and measure your success along the way.

Bill Winter

Principal - Bill Winter Advisory - Families in Business and SMEs

A business specialist working with and advising families and SMEs in business. As a past business owner and corporate CEO I establish and Chair family business advisory panels. Experienced facilitator of inter-generational family meetings and succession planning workshops. All recent research highlights that succession is now the number one issue facing families in business as the owners / founders are ready to exit. I am a safe pair of hands when it comes to taking the emotion out of the relationships between family members. In addition I have acted as an interim CEO as the growing family business begins the process of employing external senior staff to take on key management positions.

Bill Winter Advisory - Families in Business and SMEs