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There are many recruiters out there, but they’re not all the same. Some specialise in IT, others contract roles and so on. Determining who is the right choice for you is a matter of research. This is where the job hunt begins…

As a potential new employee, you represent the one and only item that recruiters are selling….talent! And to know if a recruiter is able to put your best foot forward, you may want to start the conversation with a few questions:

  • What is your recruiting speciality?
  • Which employers have you worked with?
  • Are you working with companies that are looking for candidates with my skills, qualifications and experience?
  • How many positions did you place in the past twelve months? For people with my background?
  • What is your history with the employer we are speaking of now?
  • How many positions have you filled with this employer in the past year?

You want to get a feel for the recruiter’s industry connections and likely success rate in placing you into a suitable role. You want them to champion your job search so either arrange a face-to-face meeting or set aside some time for an in-depth telephone conversation.

Taking the time to get to know one another gives you the opportunity to establish a rapport. Great chemistry is essential. And you want your recruiter to be clear about your professional history and career aspirations so they can shop your credentials to the right employers and offer personalised advice throughout the job search process. A great recruiter will also want to know what you haven’t put on your resume. Learning about your character and interests will help them to place you in a company where you will not only be a great social fit, but whose values align with your own.

Keep in mind too that not all vacancies are advertised. Many recruiters are aware of job roles throughout their networks that have not been advertised to the broader market. Naturally it is essential to network, connect and meet recruiters to access these hidden job opportunities. If you have a list of companies that you would love to work for, and you are in no hurry to take the next step in your career, target the internal recruiters at your ideal workplaces and begin to build a relationship with them. It may start with you forwarding your resume and following up with a cold call. When the time is right, you will be at the forefront of their mind for a job role with your ideal employer.

Of course recruiters are renowned for reaching out unsolicited. LinkedIn is the perfect scouting grounds for a recruiter looking for top talent. Hint…make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and showcasing your achievements. When a headhunter contacts you it is unexpected, yet somehow has the ability to make you question if you are happy in your current role, or would like to explore another opportunity. When an opportunity does come unexpectedly, don’t be too quick to dismiss it, it may just end up being your best career move!

Of course when looking for a new employment challenge you need to know what you do and do not want from a job. Having clarity in this regard enables a recruiter to be confident in putting your credentials forward for a job role. If there is confusion as to what you want, the recruiter may be reluctant to put you forward for a role, hence you may miss your big break!

Without a doubt there are clear advantages to engaging the services of a professional recruiter to assist you in placing you in your next job role. Yet you should not solely rely on a recruiter to champion your cause. You too need to play a role by employing a range of job search strategies…you’ve heard the saying about placing all your eggs in one basket. Your campaign needs to incorporate a multi-pronged approach to yield the best results. So tidy up your resume, establish your network of recruiters and together, start shopping your credentials.

Sarah Thomas

Recruitment & Human Resources Specialist - SJ Personnel

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