Don’t complicate your business planning process

I am reposting this as the first time around I rushed it and missed some spelling mistakes.

The attached illustration, which is copyright to Mindshop, is the process I use when facilitating regional business planning workshops for Small Business Victoria. The most critical issue here is to be able to paint a picture of what your business looks like in the future.

Most attendees at the Business planning workshop struggle to articulate to the group what their future vision looks like.

If you cannot do that then how will you ever get your team and supporters to get engaged and work  with you to achieve your vision of the future?

Once you have nailed this you can move into strategy and actions. As Joel Barker stated ‘ Vision without action is merely a dream and action without vision is a waste of time’

Follow this process and you will find you are able to get clarity on the Now Where How of your business.

Finally , please respect the IP of others when you copy illustrations etc. I recently saw this illustration used in a workshop by a presenter who did not have the right to use it.





Bill Winter

Principal - Bill Winter Advisory - Families in Business and SMEs

A business specialist working with and advising families and SMEs in business. As a past business owner and corporate CEO I establish and Chair family business advisory panels. Experienced facilitator of inter-generational family meetings and succession planning workshops. All recent research highlights that succession is now the number one issue facing families in business as the owners / founders are ready to exit. I am a safe pair of hands when it comes to taking the emotion out of the relationships between family members. In addition I have acted as an interim CEO as the growing family business begins the process of employing external senior staff to take on key management positions.

Bill Winter Advisory - Families in Business and SMEs

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