Don’t expect everyone you lead to have the same expectations as you do.

Many leadership tips say we should treat others as we expect to be treated?

Well, someone has thrown down a challenge to this. We are all individuals and have different ideas in what we believe and how we see and interact with others. The way I like to be treated is most likely totally different to many others in a workplace environment. So, should I impose my personal preferences onto others? Other than the most common values such as respect, trust and honesty we all have different emotions, personalities and beliefs on how we want to be treated. Therefore a leader needs to have their antenna up and be cognisant of everyone as being different emotionally.

Bill Winter

Principal - Bill Winter Advisory - Families in Business

I am a well known business specialist working with and advising families in business. As a past business owner and corporate CEO I establish and Chair family business advisory panels. Experienced facilitator of inter-generational family meetings and succession planning workshops. All recent research highlights that succession is now the number one issue facing families in business as the owners / founders are ready to exit. I am a safe pair of hands when it comes to taking the emotion out of the relationships between family members. In addition I have acted as an interim CEO as the growing family business begins the process of employing external senior staff to take on key management positions.

Bill Winter Advisory - Families in Business

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