Employment and Labour Relations 2019

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2019, what is install?
Well, we have a federal election, why is this important, employment legislation is controlled federally, that means depending on which government is elected will depend on direction of employment and labour related matters.
A Labour government will likely mean massive changes. Labour have alerted us already that they intend to make significant changes to the way employers and employees engage in particular with wages and employment matters.
Such changes may result in certain industries, where employers will find they no longer have the ability to communicate or negotiate wages and entitlements, rather they will be told.
From an employee perspective, this is not a positive as it is likely going to result in less employment. A business owner who losses control of their business, in particular a high cost component of the business like labour, is likely to not hire or expand.
Other areas that are likely to change with a Labour government will include the increase presence of trade unions, strikes and industrial action and increased litigation. Labour have singled major changes to legislation which will open up these avenues and others.
2019 should be a year where business and employees give a great deal of thought as to what policies are being tabled and what government is best suited to their situation.
More to come on this topic as more is released by the two major parties.
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Lawyer & Consultant - BLAX Group