Home Based Business

So you have a desire to be self employed.


The reasons are numerous, PLANING and PASSION are the essential ingredients you need.

The product or service you sell can be unique to you or one that already exists, passion to succeed will set you apart from others.

Starting from scratch require an outlay on tools of trade, stock etc – income is likely to be slow.

Buying an existing means an initial outlay, generally with repeat business and known income.

Either way, operating from home is cost effective (travel time and congestion is minimal), overheads costs are minimal and if profitable a tax benefit is a bonus!

Are you currently an employee, with the benefits of a regular wage etc?????

The financially sensible option is to continue obtaining this income whilst building your dream, part time.

Can you afford to finance your new venture with minimal income for 12 months?

No – well that is what you need.

Murphy’s law has a habit of ruining the day.

The stress and strain of struggling with a new business venture can destroy relationships and bank balances.

Seeking help and advise will help – not from friends and family – they say nice things to make you feel good.

An outsider with business experience can point you in the right direction, saving time and money.

I will not take on a new customer until having met with ‘the other half”.

Without their complete support, success is most unlikely.

Do the two of you argue now?

Imagine the fun times with savings outgoing and outgoing and outgoing etc.

“We would of been much better off if you had stayed working and bringing in a good wage”.

“I am working to support your great concept which is sending us broke!

Still think self employed is the way to go?

Planning ahead and Passion to overcome adversity will not guarantee success.

Planning ahead is an investment in success.

Passion is the means of overcoming adversity.

Planning and Passion = profitability.

John Wooldrage

Directer - Black Sheep SMC - do it better

Owner operator of a variety of business types, including three motels, holiday units, Berri fruit juice franchise, Janni King commercial cleaning franchise and business development mentor.
Employed in the corporate world as sales and marketing manager for B & D Roll-A-Door, Namco Furniture and AI Blinds.
Masters in Sales & Marketing Australian Institute of Management.
Currently a Mentor with the Small Business Mentoring Service.
New resident to Geelong and loving it.
Black Sheep SMC (Strategic Marketing Campaign) our specialty is as the name says - a specific plan to grow your business.
If we can not achieve the agreed end result the cost is free.
We only engage with clients who have the ability to succeed, is that is you?
Black Sheep do it better

Black Sheep SMC - do it better

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