Impact of COVID-19 on the Photography Industry

This pandemic has brought the photography industry to a near shutdown. With the economic crisis at a global scale, the photography services, market share, and trends are going to change drastically.

Globally, the market share for photography and related services is expected to decrease from an amount of $36.9 billion during 2019 to $36.1 billion in the year 2020. This owes to the economic slowdown worldwide, as an aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the precautionary measures taken for its prevention. The photography market is expected to grow at a rate of 5% from 2021 and reach $41 billion in the year 2023.

COVID-19 and photography businesses

Although this lockdown gave photographers a lot of time to think of coming up with creative ways to make their way to stay in this business, it still doesn’t make up for the damage that has been done to this industry or the decrease in their income.

COVID-19 has also led photographers to experience a sharp decline in their business with the cancellation of events booked in advance for months. With no fashion shoots, public meetings, weddings, and many other events taking place, photography businesses are finding it hard to earn a decent amount of money.

The situation seemed bleak due to the uncertainty of when things would be going to get back to normal again.

Lasting changes in photography due to COVID-19

With social distancing being the most suggested measure to avoid the spread of coronavirus, photographers are stuck at their homes. There is hardly any scope for filming or photography without getting into close parameters of team members and other people.

Photography businesses are starting to find unique and innovative ways of capturing magical moments with novel ways of remote photography. Although all this was unexpected, these innovations and reforms have shown a promising impact that many things can be executed remotely.

Many of these trends are likely to have an everlasting impact, even once this pandemic is a thing of the past. With the leverage for photographers and clients to work from anywhere in the world, it is also cost-effective and environmentally sustainable to get shoots done at stunning and unimaginable locations.

Now, photography businesses will move gradually with impromptu shoots, lesser rehearsals, outdoor photography, lesser stage setting, fewer makeup artists, and minimal on-site helpers.

How did creativity work for photographers during the lockdown?

Like everyone else, photographers can’t wait until life returns to normal again? This industry has adapted with many latest developments and trends over this period. Whether the influence is due to customer demands, technology, or a pandemic – creativity always finds its way.

While some photographers are going out in their vicinity to put their ideas into practice, others are turning to landscape and nature photography. The social isolation, deserted public places, and the calmer environment is giving photography businesses a chance to build an impressive portfolio and an income stream.

Delays in an upgrade of technology due to COVID-19

Another way COVID has widely impacted the photography business is via the purchase of the most up to date equipment. Manufacturers have announced significant delays in the release of their latest technology, whilst photographers are for the most part avoiding expenditure until the jobs start rolling again.

Although photography businesses can survive a year without the latest upgrades, the significant downgrade in the sale and purchase of cameras has been a setback for enthusiast photographers. With no chance to achieve what they hoped for, some brilliant ideas will need to wait until the pandemic lets some form of normalcy return to the industry.

COVID has brought massive decline to the operations of the photography industry, yet we hope that things will get better soon.

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