Mediation, Your Priority in Resolving Disputes

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What is Mediation. Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

Mediation is an informal way of solving a problem. Mediation is dynamic and interactive; it places the power of a resolution in the hands of the parties.

Mediation is facilitated by a third-party neutral person. This person does not resolve conflict, but rather they facilitate the parties in resolving conflict.

Mediation is a cost-effective process; costs are normally shared between parties and are a fraction of the costs of litigation, investigations and or allowing disputes and issues to remain.

Mediation can be applied to any type of dispute. Disputes arising from unpaid invoices, disputes with trades, disputes with neigbours, disputes with employees, disputes involving contracts and or agreements and even disputes within families.

Most legal jurisdictions in Australia, require some form of mediation or ADR prior to legal proceedings.


Mediation can be undertaken prior to parties seeking forms of legal assistance, pre litigation mediation is accepted as a sensible way of resolving disputes before they turn into litigation. Mediation is confidential and can be non-binding and resolve issues quickly as oppose to formal methods such as litigation.

Critical elements of mediation include each party’s willingness to participate in mediation or ADR, discussions and sessions remain confidential and the third-party neutral person or facilitator, is trained and certified as a mediator.

Mediation or ADR works because the parties are brought together in an environment where they can freely and confidentially present their position. Parties can get the issues “off their chest”

Blax Group can provide you with all your mediation and alternative dispute resolution services.

If you would like to discuss our mediation services or any other service further, please feel free to call Brett Pomroy on 0428497228 or

Brett Pomroy

Principal Consultant - BLAX Group

Brett Pomroy is a multi-skilled practitioner within the fields of Industrial Relations, Employee Relations, Equal Opportunity, Labour Management, OHS and WorkCover. Brett is Certified and Registered Mediator.

Brett works with clients in Australia and abroad, providing expertise in labour management.

Brett has approximately 15 years’ experience in Workplace and Industrial Relations. Brett started his career in Safety, working in the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors.

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