Mental Health & Injury in the Workplace.

Mental Health in the Workplace.

Creating a positive, healthy workplace, can increase employee motivation, job satisfaction and wellbeing at work.

However, work related mental injury is an increasing cause of workers compensation claims.

Mental Health in Australia
  • 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime
  • 1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental health condition in any one year*

Raising awareness of mental health across your workplace and giving your employees useful information is a great place to start in creating a mentally healthy workplace.

A recent Harvest HR Roundtable addressed mental health and injury in the workplace from an employers perspective. It was pleasing to see the overwhelming interest in the topic from HR professionals and business owners, so much so, we needed to move the event to a larger venue to accommodate our ‘Roundtable’.

Martin Reid Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Workplace Relations at Coulter Roache presented on legal aspects such as:

Can I dismiss an employee that is constantly taking sick days?
What are my obligations towards an employee who has suffered
a mental injury?
What can I do if an employee wants to come back to work?

This is a complicated area as individual cases can vary so much. We suggest you seek legal advice to answer such questions.

Work related mental injury statistics
  • Mental health injuries account for 11% of all workers compensation claims in Victoria
  • Typical compensation per claim is $24,500 compared with $9,000 for all other claims
  • Typical time off work is 15.3 weeks, compared to 5.5 weeks for all other claims
  • 91% of these claims are attributed to stress including work pressure, harassment or bullying with other mental stress **

These are alarming statistics.

What can my workplace do to prevent mental injury at work?

Claire Nivarovich, Director Mental Health Programs, WorkSafe Victoria also spoke at our HR Roundtable and covered common causes of mental injury at work, as well as providing information about what employers can do to put measures in place to prevent mental injury at work.

We were very impressed with Claire’s demonstration of the WorkWell Toolkit – a practical resource organisations can implement for a healthier, more positive workplace.

WorkWell Toolkit for Employers 

Workwell is an online hub created by WorkSafe, linking businesses to relevant tools and resources to support them in building mentally healthy workplaces.

The toolkit brings together resources and ideas that have worked for all kinds of businesses.

You can take the first steps by answering a few questions about your organisation. This information allows suggested tailored actions and resources that have helped businesses create healthier, more positive workplaces.

The WorkWell Toolkit is designed for business owners, (no matter how big or small), leaders, managers, human resources and occupational health and safety professionals.

There’s about 26 questions to answer, so it will take around 10 minutes to complete.

We’ve found the toolkit easy to navigate and it gives you everything you need regardless of where you are at with your workplace mental health and wellbeing journey.

We see this toolkit as a ‘must’ for all workplaces and encourage all employers to undertake the survey for your organisation. You can access more information about WorkWell here. 

*WorkSafe Vic. **Australian Bureau of Statistics


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