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I meet a lot of people in my line of business who are stressed, overwhelmed and feeling guilty about not being organised or good at ‘admin’.

Our lives these days are busy and sometimes that’s the way it is full stop. I wear business owner, committee member, coach, parent, kid Uber hats so I need to know where I need to be every hour of the day to keep on track.

Here’s a method I use that’s not for everyone but it may help you feel more organised going into 2019.

^ I’m referring to using an online diary. I use Google Calendar & all associated products; the flexibility for me works but you can use what you like. Will work for paper too but it can’t notify you 😉

^ I have a business calendar & a personal one – I don’t mix appointments. Business in business.

^ Colour code everything like a bandit! I use different colours for appt types – meetings or OOO visits are Orange, retainer client work is Pink, leave Yellow. I open my diary and my mind sees the colours.

^ Firstly, mark in your diary the days times you are unavailable. If you can only work 3 days a week or mornings or 2 days one week, 4 next – block out all time you can’t work.

^ Mark out your diary with a regular day/time each week you can take meetings e.g. Wednesday 11am. Do same with a power hour for admin tasks.

^ Do regular ongoing client work? Diary it too. X client is 3 hours Mon & 5 hours Tuesday.

* Project or adhoc work? I have periods in my work where I take on one off tasks. This time is booked tentatively for a certain day so I can take on these jobs without overworking.

^ Employees or sub contractors? Time block their hours of availability or regular client work you’ve booked them on so you know what is being done & when. Mine are still pink but a dark pink!

^ Now look at your diary. Can you restructure some clients to do all on one day? If so move them… you might end up with some me time!

^ Time blocking helps you keep on track with what you need to do in a day…It’s also great for seeing on a page where you have more capacity to work and earn income.

^ And it’s not just for business… my family all have their own Google calendars and there’s a saying in our house … if you haven’t invited Mum and it’s not in her diary it doesn’t exist!!!

I hope this info may help someone to help you start off 2019 with a bang!

If you or your work team need further assistance in setting up improved diary & email management systems please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can run a hands on session in my office (bring the whole team) or yours! Call me 0430 369 600 or

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Owner/Director/Founder - Admin and Co