Owner/Director/Founder - Admin and Co
I am hoping so!
With the current climate and people losing their jobs, many are looking at other ways to earn income using their experience and talents in support administration and other creative type skills. It may not be even a loss of employment, but a clear question they are asking themselves “do I really need to go back to an 9-5 office?”.
But Lee you’re crazy! Why would you want more competitors in your industry?
It’s simple. The more of us marketing and promoting what is a Virtual Assistant is and how we can help you means I can stop having to launch into an elevator pitch when I get a blank face when I say a run my own business I’m a Virtual Assistant.
We need to take the positive out of you know that thing called a global pandemic, which is a learning for many of us is that some jobs can be done remotely offsite, and in most cases, more productively and employees are happier.
This is a big win for the virtual assistant industry as the aged concept of ‘work has to be done in office’ under the watchful eye or management is thrown to the wind when we are all asked to stop moving and stay at home.
I am looking forward to an influx of skilled and experienced administration support experts taking the leap into small business and improving the quality of the Virtual Assistant industry putting more value on the services we provide.
Your extra set of hands to help your business grow is out there, they just might be a local contractor, not an employee ?.
If you have any questions about what I can do for you, please contact me on or 0430 369 600.
Lee Doherty

Lee Doherty

Owner/Director/Founder - Admin and Co

Lee Doherty is the Owner/Director of Admin & Co which was created in January 2016 after 25 years experience as a senior administration professional in various high level administrative management roles from banking and finance, real estate, accounting and advisory and retail and wholesale.
After having a period of illness that forced her to walk away and ‘contemplate life’ the idea of the was to create a business that allowed a flexible work/life balance that past 9-5 corporate employment positions would not… and Admin & Co. was born.

Lee has completed tertiary studies in Management and Human Resources Management (after thinking leaving high school in year 11 was a great idea) all while working part time and juggling 3 small kids. She is a firm believer we can’t have it all… we can but not all at once.

When not running the admin in Admin & Co, Lee is a junior coordinator and netball coach to 180 girls in her spare time, lives out in the ‘burbs in Armstrong Creek with husband Jason and 3 girls Mia, Sophie and Georgie, as well as main income stream for various drive through coffee establishments in the region.

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