Working from a Home Office is not negotiable for some

I recently saw a post where someone was inferring that they were better than other consultants/mentors because they had a formal office and not working from home.

COVID has certainly changed that perception. I work from home and my clients are not concerned about it. Some are pleased to be able to come to my professional home office for greater confidentiality and security.

That’s why technology has driven change in how we work and where we work.

You can overcome isolation by joining kindred networks and making an effort to meet with others for coffee at various time each month.

It is important though if working long periods on your own that you have structure in your day. I program walks, exercise (rowing machine) etc and reading time every day.  The technology in my Apple watch also reminds me if I am sitting too much and to get moving.

Finally, I avoid going upstairs to my home office at night.

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Bill Winter

Principal - BW Business Development - Advising Families in Business and SMEs

A business specialist working with and advising families and SMEs in business. As a past business owner and corporate CEO I establish and Chair family business advisory panels. Experienced facilitator of inter-generational family meetings and succession planning workshops. All recent research highlights that succession is now the number one issue facing families in business as the owners / founders are ready to exit. I am a safe pair of hands when it comes to taking the emotion out of the relationships between family members. In addition I have acted as an interim CEO as the growing family business begins the process of employing external senior staff to take on key management positions.

BW Business Development - Advising Families in Business and SMEs