10 Powerful Strategies to Cope when you (or those around you aren’t)

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10 powerful strategies and tools to cope, when you or (those around you) aren’t! https://www.thethrivemovement.com.au/post/10-powerful-strategies-and-tools-to-cope-when-you-or-those-around-you-aren-t  

Secret Productivity Business

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Productivity is more than just doing more with the time you have. Unless what you produce is linked to what you are trying to achieve, doing more in your allotted time frame is just producing more stuff. You risk using up your energy on irrelevant activity. If you’re going to be busy, be busy with…

Hot Tips to be More Focussed, Productive and Happier at Work this Winter

Positive Change Facilitator, Educator & Practitioner - Revitalize Lifestyle

For many of us, work can mean long hours behind a desk, whether at the office or at home. We often have a long list of important tasks or projects that need to be accomplished by day’s end. There will be days when you feel there is just not enough time to get everything done.…

Why You Do Mindless Busy Work

Chief Happiness Officer - Generous Work

Grab a coffee, it’s late Friday morning and we’re getting admin done. Scan the forms, update the spreadsheets, send emails and make some phone calls. There will always be some mindless busy work but, if you’re like 90% of the population, you’re doing too much. Your hourly wage isn’t producing a sustainable ROI and your…

Do something your 2019 work self will thank you for

Owner/Director/Founder - Admin and Co

  I meet a lot of people in my line of business who are stressed, overwhelmed and feeling guilty about not being organised or good at ‘admin’. Our lives these days are busy and sometimes that’s the way it is full stop. I wear business owner, committee member, coach, parent, kid Uber hats so I…

Is paperwork getting in the way?

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Is your business paperwork getting in the way of sales?…of managing the business?…of having spare time? There was a rumour, once upon a time, that we were moving to the paperless office. It hasn’t happened in my office and I’m thinking it hasn’t in yours either. Here are 5 tips to getting your paperwork back…