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Business Overview

WDEA Works is a not-for-profit community based organisation that has been providing individualised employment services since 1989. Today WDEA Works has grown to become one of the largest community and employment service providers in the region, employing over 350 people across more than 30 sites in a range of community based services and programs. These programs include:

* Disability Employment Services
* jobactive
* Employer Recruitment Services
* Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)
* Socialisers
* Artlink Studio
* WDEA Works Foundation

As a result of the different programs that WDEA Works offers, we are able to tailor a service to meet many job seekers' varying requirements.

WDEA Works also uses its community and enterprise services to help prepare job seekers for employment in the open labour market. Consequently, the transition to searching for and working in open employment is made much more seamlessly.

Any job seeker looking for work may be able to utilise our Disability Employment Services and jobactive programs.

WDEA Works offers employers our support to employ a more diverse range of personnel. The core focus of WDEA Works is supporting clients to become independently employed, while simultaneously offering a high quality recruitment and employment support service to employers.

WDEA Works offers a range of benefits and services that can be utilised at no or little cost to employers.

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