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Delivering in partnership with local Colac Otway business trader groups

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Colac Otway Localised is free for local businesses, and will help you:

  • Advertise your goods and services to the local business community
  • Engage with other businesses to get local quotes
  • Discover networking and professional development events across our region

Did you know, in 2017 local buyers purchased $743.5 million in goods and services from suppliers outside our Colac Otway Shire.


And more than 80% of local business want to support other local businesses - but less than half of them actually do?


And the number one reason why they don’t? It is hard to find a local.


Localised changes that! 

How local business people use Localised

Expert Articles

Connect local businesses to a library of articles on business topics authored by local experts.

Business Events

Discover networking and professional development events near you

Business listings

Promote your goods and services in the local business directory

Supplier quotes

Find local suppliers and get quotes for the things your business needs (e.g. graphic designer, website developer)


Where local businesses can share and find good news, like new appointments or milestones.


Find local business networks who can support you and help you grow.

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Delivering in partnership for local business

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