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Breakthrough Principles to Employee Engagement – Online Masterclass

Organiser: Carla Egan
12 November 2019, Tuesday
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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An Online Masterclass with Carla Egan
Discover what makes employee engagement one of the fastest growing leadership challenges in the world and learn how to create a culture of high performance where traditional approaches fail. This is your opportunity to discover research-proven methodologies, tools and models that really do make a difference as a leader. Set yourself and your team up for success.

Who This MasterClass is For
Leadership isn’t for everyone. This Masterclass is for leaders who are looking for a more sophisticated understanding of the factors that influence team behaviour.

This class is right for you if…

  • I’m passionate about building highly effective teams, I just haven’t figured out how yet…
  • I’m looking to connect with like-minded and success orientated people
  • I’m fascinated by human behaviour and I love to learn more!
  • I’m ready to break out of my comfort zone and try something different
  • I want to get out of the daily grind and create a team that loves what they do
  • I’ve been procrastinating for too long, it’s time to move forward
This class is not right for you if…
  • I’m busy enough helping myself, who has time for others!
  • People can never change. They’re born the way they are and that’s that.
  • I’m looking for a quick fix or a shortcut, something that doesn’t take much effort

What You’ll Discover in This 60-Min MasterClass

The Truth I Wish I Knew When I First Managed Staff
Discover what makes staff engagement one of the fastest growing challenges in the world and unlock the truth about engagement

3 Most Common Mistakes That Holds Engagement Back
Uncover the three most common mistakes that may be sabotaging your success with leadership and team building

Discover The Secret That Works For Everyone
Set your team up for success and get crystal clear on the results that you want your team to produce

Here’s What Others Are Saying…

Perhaps the best way for you to know for certain this is completely worth your time is to hear from like-minded people who are embarking on their journey and what they’re discovering…

✓ “If you’re looking for a way to increase team morale… then this is for you”
✓ “Carla’s insights into human patterns were invaluable in helping me shape positive outcomes with staff
✓ “It helped me view my business through entirely new eyes
✓ Don’t miss the opportunity of gaining some really useful gems from Carla…”
✓ “I would encourage anyone, whether you run a small business or large team to discuss your specific requirements with Carla who will bring value to your team with her knowledge and unique talent”
✓ “I found the experience helpful and refreshing
✓ “If others out there who think they know it all, be pleasantly surprised…”
✓ Recommend the investment”

Imagine creating a culture of high performance that increases retention and inspires a results-driven workplace
Reserve my Spot – Learn More – Book Now – Live Event – 60 minute Online Masterclass

You’ll leave this Masterclass feeling motivated, reenergised and inspired to create a powerful results-driven workplace.
Be the catalyst of change for your team and give them an experience they deserve, and quickly see your business grow.

About Carla Egan
Carla Egan is a professional business consultant and combines her 20-year career experience with numerous business qualifications and extensive leadership skills, to assist leaders attract, engage and retain their employees by making better people decisions. Carla is passionate about working with leaders and business owners that are looking for specific tools and systems to assist with recruitment needs, team performance, leadership development and staff retention and engagement.


Carla Egan
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