This 2 day course will empower you to manage your business finances with confidence.

Managers, project managers and administrators sometimes need to take responsibility for financial management, planning and decision making. By giving you a greater understanding of today’s accounting and finance terminology, this program will empower you to apply financial management tools and techniques with confidence.

If you’re a manager or administrator responsible for financial management, planning and decision making but have no training in this field, this course will enable you to do this role effectively.

Learning outcomes

  • Interpreting key finance terminology and jargon
  • Accounting concepts such as accrual accounting and depreciation
  • Reading and understanding financial statements
  • Using financial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to evaluate business performance
  • Applying cost concepts and budget forecasting techniques to plan and develop robust operational budgets
  • Calculating breakeven point and using other financial evaluation techniques
  • Building a business case for capital expenditure proposals