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Geelong Seniorpreneurz

4 February 2022, Friday
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Australian Seniorpreneurz is basically a supportive networking group but – uniquely – has a meeting format that appeals to small and micro business owners (as well as anyone in late career intending to avoid “retirement”).

Meetings are held on the first Friday each month at 2.00pm at Netgain, in Belmont, Geelong.

Standard format is (first 30 minutes) members review their homework achievements, and list their current issues/frustrations on the whiteboard.

Then (20 minutes) members discuss emerging tools for immediate application in managing a small or micro business, the book club and mentor/mentee opportunities. Finally (40 minutes) members – firstly – offer solutions to issues/frustrations listed on the white board – and secondly – commit publicly to a personal 30 day action plan.

Group admin is Bernard Kelly 0414 778 518 admin@birdwoodpublishing.com

Geelong, Victoria 3220
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