About Geelong Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is one of Australian’s leading regional business bodies – boasting around 900 members and with  rich, long and successful history of advocating on behalf of Geelong business.

We are unashamedly ‘pro business’ with the interests of Geelong businesses the driving force behind our efforts to ensure a healthy economy for industries and businesses – big and small -  operating in the Geelong region.

Our role is also to support, educate and facilitate a healthy, vibrant business community. Our networking events are the largest in the region and designed to encourage business professionals to interact with each other and expand their business contacts.

The Chamber also offers a diverse range of services that are designed specifically to facilitate the growth of businesses in the region.

The Chamber also has the important role of being the 'go to' place for information that allows business to enhance its skill base, explore new directions and grow its market share - whatever the industry. We also provide an abundance of networking opportunities, allowing businesses to: connect and form strategic business-to-business affiliations; gain access to areas of government; and, promote themselves within the region.




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SC Technology

SC Technology Group has been an active member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce for over 25 years and in that time we have seen our business and the Chamber of Commerce grow.

We believe that business that support and get actively involved in the community are better businesses, and the Geelong Chamber of Commerce with their vast network is what connects our business with the community.

Robert Hunter
SC Technology Group


Winning the Geelong Business Excellence Awards last year was incredible! The Oishi-m Team were humbled to be celebrated by the community of Geelong for the excellence we have achieved in our business. From the Nanna's who read the local papers, to the friends on social media and customers from all over the world, there is a lot of love and it was a great opportunity to celebrate our region and our business.

Miyo Fallshaw

Platinum Partner

SC Technology

Gold Partners

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