FREE eRAD (Relationship Alignment Diagnostic) trial worth $100+

Director OWC (and Co-Founder of Clann) - One World Consulting

Hi Localised community,

As we enter yet another lockdown I thought I would offer something of value ($100+) for anyone that has 20 mins or so to spare this coming week.

High performance business relationship management is one of the fastest growing areas in business management today. The pressing need for an engaged workforce together with high performance alignment of strategy, structure, process, people and culture has put a renewed focus on relationship management.

I am accredited in the 0to10 Relationship Management framework developed by international author Tony Lendrum that helps organisations understand what high performance relationships are, how to implement and sustain them and how their business can benefit from them.

We are now offering a FREE trial of the unique online 0to10RM eRAD to complete a survey and get a detailed report on a business relationship of your choice.

So give it a try with a key customer or supplier in mind and see what you learn.

All the best

Liam McFadden

One World Consulting


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